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MFLEX is an influential player in the circuit board industry, ranking top 5 globally as an FPC provider. With annual revenue exceeding US$1 billion and employing over 2,000 R&D engineers, it has become a global leader since its formation in the US in 1984. Today, MFLEX provides exceptional solutions for leading brands worldwide across consumer-electronics, eco-friendly vehicles, telecommunications and IoT industries. With two central hubs, three factories and a customer service network that spans the globe, MFLEX is one of the few trusted FPC suppliers that offers customized designs and packaged solutions.



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With over 6,000 employees worldwide and offices in more than a dozen countries, MULTEK is a globally recognized provider of interconnect solutions to over 300 renowned customers. Boasting state-of-the-art ITC labs, an expansive network of application engineers, outstanding prototyping and quick-turn trial production capabilities, MULTEK’s advanced end-to-end solutions address critical PCB needs across Rigid PCB, FPC, Rigid-Flex Assembly and Box Build Assembly.



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