Rigid Printed Circuit Board

Multek can mass produce PCBs with up to 48 plus layers using high-speed/low-loss capability materials for telecom and other applications.

Our Multiple-Layer Rigid PCBs, including High Layer-count boards, offer a variety of features including but not limited to:

• High-Density Interconnect

• Advanced thermal management features such as COIN technology

• 1n1, 2n2, 3n3, with VIPPO, precision depth backdrill and fill 1n1, 2n2, 3n3    

• OSP and selective hard Au, immersion silver and tin finishes

• Min hole size < 0.35mm

• 14:1 aspect ratio

To satisfy increasing product and sub-system requirements that span across all major consumer, telecom, commercial, and industrial market segments.

Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible printed circuits offer a broad array of physical and electrical interconnect solutions that cannot be achieved with rigid PCBs.

Multek is an industry leader in materials conversion, fabrication, and component assembly to flexible printed circuits. Our annual production exceeds millions of square feet of single, double-sided, and multi-layer FPC. We have decades of experience processing a wide variety of flexible materials and can to rapidly customize solutions to meet your requirements, including:

• Single, double, and metal layer flex circuits and assemblies    

• Thin copper including Adhesive-based base laminates

• Line width and spaces: > 250 um to 50 um

• Photolithography for primary images

Rigid-Flex PCB

With the revolution in portable devices, Rigid Flexible Circuits have become a preferred design solution for complex, advanced component demands.

• Standard Rigid-Flex provides a cost-effective alternative to rigid PCB modules and Flexible Printed Circuit interposers/connector systems used for low to mid-range consumer electronics products.

• Multek integrates conventional plated through-hole and microvia interconnect processing for intermediate component density designs to give the best Rigid-Flex solutions.

• We also offer more advanced serpentine FPC designs, including Rip-StopTM technology, as a part of our Rigid-Flex solutions.

• Moreover, stiffeners, air gap construction, shielding, and coverlays from our low-cost FPC systems are also available.

PCB Assembly & Box Build

Multek offers full assembly services from PCBA/FPCA through to final Box Build, including Surface Mount Technology, backend and verification processes.

• Multek offers full assembly services from PCBA/FPCA through to final Box Build.

• Our Surface Mount Technology lines, co-located backend processes, and highly-rigorous verification give customers of all sizes the greater ease, speed, and accountability of dealing with only one supplier from PCB to final product.

• Whether your assembly needs are for high-mix products or demand highly-technical expertise in understanding printed circuit technology, Multek provides the superior level of service you would come to expect from a strategic partner.

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